Welcome to National Guard Association of Illinois
(Check out our NEW member benefit called Life Line Screening)
» Our mission: advocate and represent all Members and Families of the Illinois National Guard; Past, Present, and Future.
» Member organization for the Soldiers, Airmen and Families of the Illinois National Guard.
» Free 1st year membership in NGAI to all new members of the ILNG. (At soldier/airman option).
» State Sponsored Life Insurance Program (SSLI) providing outstanding benefit to members AND families not available through
» Free $10,000 one year life insurance to all new members of ILNG (at soldier/airman option).
» Advocate within the state and nationally to promote those issues which will enhance the combat readiness of the ILNG.
» Care for the well being of the ILNG soldiers and airmen and their families.
» Successful in lobbying for dozens of benefits such as enlistment bonuses, upgrades to weapon systems and equipment, tax
   exempt state drill pay as well as AGR pay, most notably the 100% college tuition to any state funded school, and many more.
» Fully supports the advocacy of NGAUS and EANGUS at the National level.
» Member organization operated by service members, for service members.


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